Jake Savin is the Software Architect at CodeWorxxx, a global IT consultancy firm focused on software development.


He designs and develops enterprise applications, instructional materials, websites, video presentations and magazine articles.


He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker and an author/ editor of 8 books. Visit jakesavin.com for more information.

Focus is on designing and developing

enterprise applications.

He is also a writer of 8 books on a variety of subjects including Functional Thinking and Presentation Patterns. He is also a world renowned speaker, having spoken at 300 conferences and delivered over 200 presentations.

Jake has managed to be an author

and editor of 6 books.

He is the sole author of some of these books and has contributed several anthologies to a number of other books such as 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts.

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Jake Savin / Developer

For those interested in knowing more about Jake, do not fret. He welcomes feedback from the public, and anyone interested can reach him through the following address: hello@jakesavin.com

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