avatar-smJake Savin has a simple story. He has three positions at CodeWorxxx. This is a global IT consultancy firm that is entirely focused on developing and delivering software. Simply put, CodeWorxxx is a software company that works to deliver technology solutions that address the client’s toughest challenges. Jake serves as the Software Architect, Director, and Meme Wrangler. Before he attained his position at CodeWorxxx, Jake worked as the Chief Technical Officer at a training and development firm that is nationally recognized, the RTDSoftware Group.

Earlier on, Jake graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Computer Science. He had specialized in languages and compilers. He also minored in mathematics with a specialization in statistical analysis. With this background, Jake has managed to become a language geek, with affections that include the following: Groovy, Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript, Scala, Java and C#/.NET.

Currently, Jake’s job is to be the brains behind the designing and development of applications,instructional materials, video presentations and magazine articles at CodeWorxxx. His main focus happens to be in the designing and construction of enterprise applications on a large-scale.

In spite of all he has on his plate, Jake has managed to be an author and editor of 6 books. He is the sole author of some of these books and has contributed several anthologies to a number of other books. He has also compiled essays on software and technology, found in his third book.

Jake is also an acclaimed speaker the world over. He has had the privilege of speaking at more than 300 developer conferences across the world. He has also delivered over 2000 presentations in his time.

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