3 Flipbooks You Will Love

A flipbook is a way for a document to be turned into an electronic version of a publication that would often be used as a hardcopy with pages that can physically be flipped. Flipbooks are versatile enough to be able to be used for a number of different publications regardless of the purpose, whether this […]

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Best Way to Free Share Documents Online

Whether you want to let people know how you feel about the latest fashion trends, or you want to educate people how to get the most from their money or anything in between, you will be able to be so online. Rather than being accused of being a spammer by sending out a mass email, […]

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Digital Magazine Software Comparison

Magazines are a convenient way to obtain information, gain details about a topic that is new to you, or to entertain yourself. However, as convenient as the content of a paper magazine can be, the physical item can be less so and can even just be aggravating. Pages can become torn and creased, can cause […]

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Host Your PDFs Freely, Make Them SEO Friendly

The use of smart phones, tablets and laptops means that it is possible to read a magazine without there being any paper in sight. A PDF a magazine is one that can be viewed on an electronic device, which means it won’t get dog-eared, creased or ripped. It will also help to save the environment […]

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The Best Online Service to Upload and Publish Your Portfolio

Publishing content online is useful for a wide range of different people, making it possible to provide information or opinion. However, in order to ensure that people can benefit from the content, it is needs to be published in an effective manner, which means knowing which is the best online service to use. Why do […]

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