A flipbook is a way for a document to be turned into an electronic version of a publication that would often be used as a hardcopy with pages that can physically be flipped.

Flipbooks are versatile enough to be able to be used for a number of different publications regardless of the purpose, whether this is advertising, entertainment or information.

Three ways in which a flipbook can prove useful is with leaflets, magazines and books.



Use of a leaflet can be beneficial for a range of different businesses, such as for advertising all the items within a particular brand, a range of comparable items or it can cover all aspects of a particular item.

Leaflets can also be used to showcase a full range of stock of a store or website is able to offer.

It can be an ideal marketing tool for all different companies – regardless of the nature of the business – as it can help to drive customers to a website or store in order to buy the goods or services outlined in the leaflet.


Yumpu can be used to turn a PDF into an effective leaflet, which is easy to create and this can be done within a free account that can be set up in a few minutes.

A flipbook leaflet will make it easier to scan by a user, so that there is no hassle in finding the particular item they are looking for.

As part of its design, a leaflet can combine images and text to create a worthwhile flipbook leaflet that can be distributed in a number of different ways, to complement other marketing methods.

Instead of having to worry about how large a leaflet has to be or whether it will be difficult to fold up, use of a leaflet as a digital flipbook will take care of all these concerns. The virtual flip of the pages will make it easy to navigate, which means the content of the leaflet will be easier to review and find required items.



The wide range of magazines on the market means that there is something for everyone. Despite this, the readership of many paper magazines has been decreasing, but this is likely to be due to the fact that many people get their magazine fix in a different way.

Many magazines are also available online in digital format, which means that they can still be purchased in high numbers if the digital versions are also considered.

Magazines can be published on Yumpu by turning the original document into a PDF, which can then be uploaded to the website where it can be turned into a flipbook.

Each step to complete the process is guided so it is easy to complete after logging into your account.

It is an ideal way to distribute magazines as the steps can be repeated to create more magazines, which will allow you to create further editions. All the editions will be stored in your account in one place, so they will be easy to keep track of and publish in order.

The magazines can then be distributed via suitable online outlets where they can be found following a search. Each of the subsequent editions will be able to be found in the same way, which will satisfy many readers and ensure their loyalty.

The use of a magazine as a flipbook makes it convenient for use when on the go as they are easy to view on portable electronic devices.


Turning books into flipbooks is an excellent way for readers to get their literature fix, or for students to study textbooks.

It offers convenience as it enables a large number of books to be carried around, whereas this would be heavy and unwieldy if the digital books were replaced with their physical counterparts.

Turning a manuscript into a flipbook can be completed through your personal Yumpu account no matter how long or short it is. Books of all different topics and spread across all different word counts can be turned into flipbooks, so that they are convenient for use with electronic devices.

A PDF document can be uploaded to the website before going through the process of turning it into a flipbook that has features that make it more enjoyable to use. Not only will the virtual pages make it a smooth process to go from one page to another, but it will also be possible to take advantage of links and multimedia features that can enhance the content of the book.

People that choose digital flipbooks over hard copies will find that they can enjoy a variety of titles in one place, so you will not be left bored if you finish one book while travelling, as you will have another ready.

Once created, they can be sent to various locations and can be made available for download. It is possible to read them on different devices, such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop, and the benefit of the pages that can be flipped can be enjoyed.

The device you use to read a flipbook will save your place, allowing you to return to the same page at which you stopped reading.

No matter what the length of the book, it can be viewed on the screen and with a simple touch, you will be able to flip the page and do not have to waste a lot of time scrolling up and down and risk losing your place.

By considering the features available from flipbooks, you will find you have no trouble in finding several to love as they make the perfect alternative to paper leaflets, magazines and books.

The professional appearance of the flipbooks will come through with clear text and images that will allow user to enjoy them wherever they may be and without any paper in sight.


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