Reading a paper magazine is all well and good, but it requires you to have sufficient space to do so properly to be able to spread it out, and they can be easily damaged.

It can prove to be an inconvenient way to review a topic that you are interested in, especially when there are more suitable methods that can be used.

A forward-thinking publisher that wants to keep up with the times will want to ensure that they are giving their customers the most up-to-date way to enjoy their publication, which will demonstrate to their readers that they are able       to stay modern.

An interactive PDF magazine will offer the reader to immediately experience contents of the magazine that would otherwise need to be saved for later, whether by ripping out a page or by saving the entire magazine.

Collaboration between the publisher and advertisers can be easily achieved with an interactive PDF magazine, which will allow advertisers to interact directly with readers.   

All you need to do to start the process of creating an interactive PDF magazine is to open an account on Yumpu, which can be done for free. There are also paid accounts available that will enable you to do much more.

The first step is to go to the website where it is possible to create not just one interactive PDF magazine, but many of them.

Start by setting up an account on the website, which can be completed after providing some basic details, such as name and contact details. As soon as this step is complete, you can access your personal account straight away to undertake the process of making a PDF magazine.

Login to the website using your personal password from the computer on which the PDF magazine is saved.

The PDF of the magazine needs to have already been created before starting the process so it can then be uploaded onto the website. This can be started by clicking ‘Create A Magazine’ from your dashboard page and, depending on the size of the document, this may take a moment or two.

The PDF magazine that you upload will remain in your account until you delete it, so it will be available if and when you need to make any changes.

Once it is successfully uploaded, you will see the document on your account’s dashboard and this will become a list as you add more PDFs. It will be shown by the original name of the document and this can then be opened by clicking on the relevant title.

On reaching this stage, the document can then be edited to make it the interactive magazine that you want it to be.

The layout of the PDF magazine as shown when viewed through your Yumpu account will be the same as it is shown on the original PDF, including all the page breaks. If they are in the wrong place, an adjusted PDF needs to be separately created and uploaded.

Once you are satisfied with the basic layout, you can proceed to make the necessary adjustments in order to create an interactive magazine.

Yumpu offers a number of different methods for creating an interactive experience that will satisfy many a reader. Using an interactive PDF magazine will allow the reader to enjoy an experience that offers more than simply reading words or looking at images. Simply being able to click in a particular place will create a different action.

Links, photos, sounds etc.  can be embedded into a PDF magazine to provide an instant way for readers to benefit from aspects of the magazine.

An interactive PDF magazine can be customized in precisely the way that you decide so that it offers your readers the most benefit and allows them to enjoy it again and again.

All aspects of the creation of the interactive ability of your magazine can be completed through your Yumpu account.

The theme of the magazine can be noted through the dropdown menu, which lists a number of different topics that can be used for magazines. If the magazine offers a number of different themes, choose the one that is most relevant.

By using the Embed Wizard, it will be possible to add a number of tools that can be used to create an interactive experience. If you have signed an agreement for a third party to undertake some advertising, then it is necessary to get the copy and/or link organized from the outset so it is ready to be added to the magazine during the editing process.

If you want to create a particular memory in a reader, you can use particular sounds that can be linked to images or text, which will create an automatic reminder when the sound is heard again.

A hyperlink can be used to lead a reader to other online content where they will be able to obtain further information that can be useful and linked to the theme of the magazine.

By using Yumpu, you will also be able to turn a PDF document into a flipbook, which will also be a great way for the reader to interact with the document as they will enjoy an electronic document that mimics real pages.

Finally check the magazine to ensure that it is edited exactly as you want it and that no further changes need to be made. This is due to the fact that the finished will not be able to be edited once it is published.

Take a final run-through by clicking the arrows at the sides of the document in order to turn the ‘pages’.

Yumpu offers a number of methods that can be handy in creating the most effective interactive magazine and ensuring that readers get the most out of it. Whether this is advertising with the use of a link to the advertiser’s website, or a sample of a newly released track, an interactive PDF magazine can keep a reader engaged for longer.

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