Whether you want to let people know how you feel about the latest fashion trends, or you want to educate people how to get the most from their money or anything in between, you will be able to be so online.

Rather than being accused of being a spammer by sending out a mass email, you need to use an effective and convenient method of spreading the information that you need people to know.

Though there are many routes in which documents can be shared online, it does not mean that all will be suitable for the purpose.

For example, sending someone an email may be convenient for you, but it may not be for the person receiving it as they may only be able to read it after accessing their email, which will mean that it will fall down the list of ‚things to do‘.

In addition, it requires you to know the email addresses of all the people who you want to share with and limits the readership to just those people to whom you send the email.

One of the negative aspects of sharing documents online is that – in many cases – you tie the user to the internet in order to read it, which means having sufficient data or being able to be connected to Wi-Fi. Due to the fact that this is not always possible, it can result in many people missing out and not getting the opportunity to read a document that you have worked so hard on writing.                  

Other people may prefer to express themselves through a blog, which will often be via a third party platform. This will mean that you are bound by the terms of the blog provider and will have to deal with any of the problems, such as the website going down, so there can be circumstances in which you will have no control.

In order to create a versatile way to share documents, it is a better idea to use Yumpu where you will be able to convert your document into a flipbook, which will be easier to share. As part of this process, it is possible to include a range of other features that will be able to enhance the enjoyment of the readers of the document.

This will involve uploading a document to a platform on which documents can be shared with others using the Internet.

In some cases, the documents will be able to be transferred to devices that will also allow them to be accessed offline, which will make them more convenient for the reader who is more likely to return to it.

It offers a more convenient way to share documents and to be able to reach a large number of people. This is due to the fact that a PDF document can be easily found by users following a search as well as being able to send it to them directly.

It is a simple process that starts with the creation of an account, which can be done through the website, Yumpu.com. Setting up an account is completely free and sharing documents from this website also does not cost anything.

After following the process for setting up an account, a password will be allocated that can be used to access the account whenever you like.

After logging into your account, you will immediately be able to start the process of turning a document into a flipbook by uploading the PDF, which can be done by clicking Create A Magazine. This will deposit the document into your account and you will be able to upload more documents using this method and they will be listed in order by the name of the document. You will also be able to view the size of the document.

These documents will remain in your account until you delete them, so you will be able to complete any changes that you want whenever you feel it necessary.

Use the dropdown menu to find the category that the document that is to be placed in according to the topic of the document.

Once the document is uploaded, you will immediately be able to view it in the same format that it will be seen by the ultimate reader, if it was distributed without any further work being done to it. 

From this point, you will be able to undertake a number of editing tricks that will make the document more interactive and take it a step above other free documents that people will be able to be found online.

The Embed Wizard makes it possible for you to add content, such as video, sound and links, which will keep the reader engaged and more likely that they will obtain the next issue as they know the benefit they will gain.

Being able to gain quick and easy access to the document will increase the likelihood of it actually being read on a regular basis. By using the easy process of creating a document via Yumpu, being able to share document online is possible.

With the use of Yumpu


With the use of a PDF flipbook, the reader has the option of being able to obtain it online, though retain the ability to enjoy it offline later. This means that it is not necessary for them to have internet access in order to continue reading it once it is downloaded onto the chosen device of the user. This option can help to make your publication chosen above others as they will be able to be read on the move, which will be highly appreciated.

By uploading a PDF document, you will be able to create a publication that is easy to share by using Yumpu. This easy to use platform can be accessed via our website and will allow you to create a professional document, be it a magazine, a book or anything in between.

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