The use of smart phones, tablets and laptops means that it is possible to read a magazine without there being any paper in sight. A PDF a magazine is one that can be viewed on an electronic device, which means it won’t get dog-eared, creased or ripped.

It will also help to save the environment and reduce the amount of recycling that has to be done after your magazine collection has increased.

Using an electronic device in the form of a PDF is more convenient when on the move as you will not need to contend with the awkward shape or weight of magazines and not necessary to spread out to read it properly.

However, to be able to enjoy the convenience, it is necessary to be able to find the PDF in the first place, regardless of the format it takes, such as book, newsletter or magazine.

It is likely that your clients will attempt to find a particular magazine by searching keywords, such as on a particular topic, like fashion or gardening

Making your PDF easy to find will help increase your readership, making your publication more successful and helping ensure to ensure that you can secure and retain regular readers.

A document that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) is more likely to be found higher up in the list of search engines by those seeking PDFs related to the same theme.

Whether the search is being undertaken on a general search engine, or one specifically dedicated to publications, an SEO friendly PDF will be more successful than others, especially if it is new and the title is not well known.

The successful creation of an SEO friendly document can be achieved by using certain keywords within your document a certain number of times, according to its length. These keywords are search terms that will commonly be used by people searching for a particular type of document. Accordingly, you may find that several different keywords can be used within the same document.

This means that your PDF is more likely to be found by those searching for documents containing the topic of your PDF. You will not need to limit yourself only to what the reader can physically see.

Write your copy with SEO in mind to ensure that it has the best opportunity to be seen by the readers that are likely to enjoy it the most.

If you are not confident in your ability to get the SEO aspect right, you can consider instructing a writer that specializes in SEO to write copy or to review and edit existing copy in order to make it more SEO friendly. 

Once you are happy with the SEO of the document in its original format, it can be turned into a PDF that can be uploaded.

Suitable software will need to be used in order to turn a Word document, for example, into a PDF, which can then be shared. It is necessary to pay close attention to the copy when it is in its original format when it is easy to edit, so that this will not need to be amended at a later stage. Check the page breaks before going further with amendments.

In order to share the documents for free, you need to be able to turn them into documents that are easy to use for this purpose, which can be achieved with Yumpu.

By using Yumpu, you will be able to create a professional document that can be shared in a number of different ways. Visit our website and see how easy it is to develop an online document that can easily be shared.  

By using Yumpu, you will see how easy this can be to achieve as all it requires to begin is setting up an account.

Go to the website and click Create a new Yumpu account to create a personalized account that you can use whenever you want to create a PDF document that you want to share. After creation of your account, log in to your account and start the process by uploading a PDF using the Create A Magazine button.  

After uploading the SEO document, you will then be able to make other changes that will also make the publication much more user friendly.

After the document is uploaded, it will be shown on your dashboard where it will be able to clicked in order to view the document as it will be seen by the reader if you were to distribute it straight away. Click the arrows shown at either side of the pages, or use the flipbook ability to turn the pages electronically.

At this stage, you will be able to make certain amendments that will not be possible when using printed versions of documents, which would have to remain as they are when printed and do not benefit from being search engine optimized.

Use of the Embed Wizard on the website will allow you to include other additions that will make it a greater pleasure to read, such as sound or images.

After adding all the extras that you want to include, the document can be saved and it will remain in your account so that it can be made available from different online outlets, where the SEO content will make it easier to find.    

With the use of a free account on Yumpu, you will be able to demonstrate how easy it can be for customers to find your magazine. Not only can reading your magazine as a PDF be convenient, but finding it at all can also be convenient with the use of SEO.

It is also possible to set up an account that would require a small subscription, which will enable you to create a PDF that is capable of a wide range of processes.  

Creating online content means that it is necessary to create this in the form of a PDF first, which can then be uploaded onto the website on which this can be shared.

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